Basketball Game

I am building a browser-based basketball game where users manage competing teams.

Get Started

After creating an account, you will assume control of a young coach's career. The first thing on the agenda will be to accept a job offer from a high school team.

Job Offers Page of Basketball Game
The job offers page

Manage Your Team

Roster Page of Basketball Game
Roster management page
Training Page of Basketball Game
Training management page
Recruiting Page of Basketball Game
Recruiting page
Edit Lineup Page of Basketball Game
Lineup management page
Edit Player Tendencies Page of Basketball Game
Player tendencies management page
Edit Team Scheme Page of Basketball Game
Team strategy page

Turn-Based Gameplay

Your turn page

Organized Competition

League page
Conference page

Under Development

9/20 tasks complete

I'm currently working toward a beta release with only necessary and basic features. Check back soon for updates!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me using one of the social media profiles at the bottom of the page.

Feature Status
Account Sign-Up & Login Done
Calendar/Game Events Incomplete
Coach Page Incomplete
Conference Page Incomplete
Game Engine Incomplete
Game Page Incomplete
Job Offers Done
League Page Incomplete
Leagues Page Incomplete
Lineups Page Done
Player Page Incomplete
Player Tendencies Page Done
Recruiting Page Done
Roster Management Done
Team Page Incomplete
Team Strategy Page Done
Training Page Done
Training Report Page Done
User Page Incomplete
Your Turn Page Incomplete

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